Jarrón Seashell Ecru

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Esta pieza de Los Objetos Decorativos es la combinación de modelado 3D y producción artesanal.

El jarrón trasero permite colocar tus arreglos florales favoritos.

Materiales: arcilla, sin esmaltar por fuera, esmaltada por dentro.

Hecho a mano por artesanos de cerámica en España.

Acabado mate.

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Sobre la marca

“LOD aims to create a collection of lifestyle elements that are present on the daily scene. The essence of the project is to keep on creating elements through the exploration of new materials and contemporary  techniques, relying on artisanal production.Through every project LOD tries to design elements that convey specific values or feelings to those who want to connect with them, providing the aesthetic vision of the moment in which the creator is.

The project itself purposes to build a concrete language between object and individual where the organic component integrates and becomes the essence of the communication.”


The production is conceived as a collaboration process and we work together with 3D modelers, 3D printing technicians, artisans and many other people who help to have the pieces ready. Professionals that take care of the details during the process and understand the effort and dedication behind it all.

We bet enormously on local and sustainable production, offering products that respond to an ethical and conscientious consumption of resources.


I am Rosa Rubio, multidisciplinary designer currently working in Product, Set Design, Art Direction and Photography projects. My work follows and explores around plasticity, through materials, shapes and senses. The organic component integrates and becomes the essence of the communication.

Running since 2015 my personal project of Los Objetos Decorativos which moves between the design of objects, the visual field and installation. 

Currently based in Barcelona.”

Información adicional


Amber, Ecru, Honey, Mauve

jarrón cerámica concha

Jarrón Seashell Ecru

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